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Hi all,

I update regularly on Facebook if you would like to befriend me. I'm having a hard time finding time to do both LJ and Facebook. - Jill


(From mkhobson (by way of peaseblossom)) I got this from simonepdx...from micheledear

"The world needs more cookies."

"So, the first five people who respond to this post will get a batch of cookies made by me and brought (or sent) to their house sometime in 2009... as long as they repost this in their journal.

"Those of you who don't bake could still participate by promising on your journal to order cookies online or ship a box of Milanos or something.

"Because the world needs more cookies."

One note, they may be bought cookies, but if they are, they'll be fancy ones....

Mystery Gift?

Hi all,

I received a really nice container of organic lemon body lotion off of my Amazon wish list.  However, I have no idea who sent it. Please let me know if you did so I can say thank you :).